Jordan Navarro






I am currently pursuing a double major in Cognitive Science and Philosophy at Carleton College. Upon graduation, I plan to pursue a PhD.

If you would like to contact me, then you can reach me through my school-issued email address or my LinkedIn.



"Congratulations HITEC 2020 Scholars!"


"Security adds new employment positions, hires six student dispatchers"

"Jordan Navarro Enrolled in Carleton College Class of 2022"


Volume 37, No. 06 of Goodsell Gazette


"Warframe’s Next Prime Access is Mirage Prime"

"Warframe - Viel Ärger und Bans um Datamining"

"Free To Play: Warframe Developers Publish Droprats"

"Free to Play: Warframe-Entwickler veröffentlichen Dropraten"

"A Debacle about Data Mining"

"Warframe devs say datamining had to be shut down due to malicious use"

"Digital Extremes Shut Down Warframe Void_Glitch Repository Due To Spoilers"

"Warframe devs shut down RNG useful resource VoiD_Glitch Repository"


"COD Modern Warfare Remastered To Get More Weapons But Players Don't Want Them?"

"Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Hidden And Yet To Be Released Weapons Detailed"

"Spring YOUTHadelphia Announces $50,000 In Grants"

"'Call of Duty: Black Ops 3' rumors: 10th specialist accessible via in-game contracts?"

"Black Ops 3 10th specialist Will Be Unlocked Via Contracts"

"RUMOR: 10th Specialist (Blackjack) in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 to be unlocked via Contracts"


"Star Wars Battlefront To Have A Lot More Guns In Final Release, But No VOIP"


On campus, I attend weekly voice performance classes, participate in the Carleton Board Game Club, and participate in the Carleton Fish Club.

I am VoiD_Glitch on Reddit. I used to play Brawlhalla (Peak 1v1 Power Ranking) for Orion and used to play Call of Duty for Lethal Gaming. My Pi Network invitation code is VoiDGlitch.